Evolve Battery Upgrade



Made exclusively using Molicel P26A 18650’s and P42A 21700’s.

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Stock Evolve batteries aren’t great. That’s no secret. What is a secret is that you can actually upgrade them to a higher capacity, higher quality battery that will last longer, go harder, and nearly completely eliminate that voltage sag!

These batteries come with everything needed for a completely solderless install to get you back up and riding ASAP!

– This upgrade will require the use of either an enclosure spacer or a heatsink spacer. You can purchase a single piece ABS enclosure spacer from here. Alternatively, they can be 3D printed at home from the following links.
Click here for Evolve Bamboo GT/GTX enclosure riser
Click here for the Carbon GT heatsink riser.

– You may need longer bolts. For the Bamboo GT/GTX, the bolts are technically 10-32 UNF, but they are almost identical to M5 bolts, of which you’ll need to source 8x M5 with a 40mm length. For the Carbon GT, you will need 4x M4 countersunk bolts with a 25mm length.

– If you’re after a lower profile ride, consider our deck routing option for the GTX that may allow you to completely do away with a riser. We can achieve this by routing additional material out of the Bamboo GTX deck just enough to comfortably house all of the upgraded and repositioned components.

– If all of this is sounding to be too much of a headache, send your board to us and we’ll do the messy work.

– We only keep a small stockpile of cells on hand to ensure your made-to-order battery is only using fresh, brand new cells for maximum peace of mind.

– Regarding warranties – You agree to have any services or repairs done by Bolt Mounts or an approved Third Party repairer to maintain warranty coverage.
All warranties are void in the case of tampering with, modifying in any way, or exposure to water.

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