It's time you upgraded

It’s safe to say that your old Evolve isn’t what it used to be. Gone are the days before you developed range anxiety.

Let’s do something about that. Let’s get you back up and riding, with more sustained torque than your board ever had, and with the confidence that only a local builder can give you.

The 63mm Motor Upgrade

Made for the Evolve Supercarve Trucks, these electric skateboard motor mounts are precision cut from billets of 7075 aluminium. They’re then blasted and matte cerakoted for that premium feel.

With three mounting positions available, in conjunction with its 75mm to 85mm centre-to-centre distance, these have been designed to accommodate almost any deck swap and wheel combo available.
Whether you’re on urethanes to get back your purse that Trent stole or on all-terrain tires to get sweet revenge on that dingo that ate your cousins baby last Christmas, these mounts will accommodate you through it all.

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Evolve Battery Upgrade

Made exclusively using Molicel P26A 18650’s and P42A 21700’s.


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